This Week in 9/11 (April 19 – 25)

A summary of news relating to 9/11/01 – For the week of April 19 through April 25, 2010. (Last week is here)

An Algerian pilot who was wrongly held and charged by British authorities as a 9/11 accomplice has won a compensation settlement after almost 9 years. Lotfi Raissi was falsely accused of training some of the 9/11 hijackers how to fly by British authorities 10 days after September 11th, 2001. He was the person charged, and falsely charged for being a 9/11 accomplice. This comes from the Guardian UK:

A judge threw the case out in 2002 and said there was no evidence against him. Since then, Raissi has sought an apology. In 2008, in a judgment that exonerated him, three court of appeal judges condemned the Met and the CPS for abusing the court process, presenting false allegations and not disclosing evidence.

Another judge has been making headlines about 9/11: Judge Hellerstein has said that he may open undisclosed 9/11 settlement amounts because he “does not like secrets.” Speaking about settlement amounts for the 9/11 victims families members, or hush money, the Judge said he may reveal the amounts so other families that have not settled can base their decisions upon something other than what the Government says. Accepting any amount as compensation for 9/11  from the Government comes with a catch; you are not allowed to be a file a lawsuit against anyone involved with 9/11.

An article was written about Korean Airlines flight 85. The South Korean plane was flying on the morning of 9/11 towards New York hours the main attacks had taken place. Flight 85 had  Jet fighters were scrambled and eventually the plane was landed safely in Canada, yet no hijackers were found. Was this part of another military excercise on 9/11, a mistake, or something else? This is from the article:

The first indication of a possible hijacking was at 11:08 a.m., while KAL 85 was flying across the Pacific Ocean and hundreds of miles from mainland Alaska. The pilots sent a text message to Korean Airlines headquarters, which included the letters “HJK.” These three letters were a known code for signaling a hijacking. The message did not immediately raise any concerns. However, ARINC–a company that airlines pay to transmit text messages to and from their planes–had begun scanning all the communications it transmitted that day to search for any additional hijacked aircraft, and one of its technicians came across the message, apparently shortly before noon. Concerned that it was a coded plea for help, ARINC officials notified the FAA of the message. KAL 85 showed its next indications of being hijacked after it entered the airspace of the FAA’s Anchorage Center at around 1:00 p.m. An Anchorage Center air traffic controller, aware of the concerns about KAL 85, asked the pilots about the status of their aircraft. In his radio transmissions, the controller included the code word that indicated a query as to whether the plane had been hijacked, in case the pilots were unable to acknowledge this freely. (Pilots are trained how to respond to such coded messages.) However, the pilots of KAL 85 offered no reassurance that their flight had not been hijacked. Instead, at 1:24 p.m., they switched their plane’s transponder (a device that sends information about an aircraft to controllers’ radar screens) to “7500,” which is the universal code meaning a plane has been hijacked. As USA Today put it, “Suddenly … a routine flight became a potential new attacker.”

In the world of Freedom of Information Acts, there are few in the 9/11 community who have been as active as Aiden Monaghan. Aiden is now filing a lawsuit against the Department of Justice in response to their lack of response for these legally binding requests of information. Catch up with that story here. And catch up with all his work here at his blog on 9/11 Blogger.

Willie Nelson, famous songwriter and musician, was on the Larry King show this last week and again made clear that his questions about 9/11 are legitimate and that he feels we need a real, new 9/11 investigation. Willie cites World Trade Center #7 as his big red flag of the day. “It looks just like demolitions in Vegas that I have seen,” says Mr. Nelson.

The steel beams from Ground Zero that the Port Authority has been holding all of these years traveled away from New York this week in to Pennsylvania. The beams will be further distributed around the country to be set up as memorials primarily. No doubt that by now the steel beams have been cleansed, sanded, brushed, scraped, picked at, and prodded to make sure there is no incriminating evidence left on them, like nano-thermite residues. No doubt that as soon as a memorial hits your neck of the woods, you have a new spot for your 9/11 truth actions and events! Never Forget.

In similar news, this week saw the passing of April 19th, anniversary to Waco and the Oklahoma City bombing. Both of these events have a offical public version of events, and each have their objective truth. The Oklahoma City bombing official story is filled with holes, and similar to 9/11, does not add up to the evidence on the ground like eyewitness testimony. Many more than a few people reported a John Doe #2 who has never been found or identified. Security cameras even were purported to catch this Doe #2  leaving the Ryder truck last, hence possibly having more responsibility than McVeigh for the bombing. The security cameras were held for over 10 years for National Security and then released in part only to show absolutely nothing. This situation is very similar to the 5 frames the public has been offered by the Government as to what hit the Pentagon on 9/11. There are more tapes in both situations, and they are all being held from the public.

Multiple bombs were found at the Oklahoma City building yet never materialized into the official narrative of events. The same would prove true on 9/11 at the Pentagon:

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