Open Exchange with Customers About Smart Meter is not “Meaningful Dialog” for PG&E in Sebastopol, Ca

April 22, 2010
The “too big to talk” category grows
Set for a discussion on “SmartMeters”, Sebastopol residents were stood up by PG&E representatives at a special forum hosted by County Supervisor Effren Camillo. Please notice the Orwellian excuse given by PG&E in the compressed Sonoma County Press Democrat article below:

Sonoma County Supervisor Effren Carrillo said PG&E had promised to send a representative to participate in the Sebastopol forum, sparked by residents’ concerns about the SmartMeters’ safety and accuracy.

But Carrillo said he received a text message Wednesday afternoon from PG&E saying it would not attend. Because the format was changed to include an open exchange with the audience, he said the company representatives “no longer feel they can have a meaningful dialog with their customers.”

“I do find it rather insulting that they would not participate in this format,” he said, prompting jeers and hisses aimed at PG&E from the crowd of about 300.

What was intended as a “balanced format” discussion about PG&E’s SmartMeter installation in Sonoma County became a hatefest against the utility Wednesday night when it pulled out at the last-minute.

Critics contend the radio waves cause a range of debilitating health problems ranging from chronic fatigue, headaches, insomnia, anxiety and depression to heart problems, high blood pressure and cancer.

When one of the panelists asked members of the audience if they opposed the new meters, nearly everyone raised their hands.

Carrillo said he has received no reply from PG&E or the PUC in response to his letter asking for a moratorium on meter replacements until Sonoma County residents’ concerns are answered.

He said that PG&E also had asked its two scientific experts not to attend the forum.

PG&E plans to replace all 379,592 meters in Sonoma County with the SmartMeters. According to its website, it has replaced about 10 percent so far and intends to continue until all are replaced by mid-2012.

More at Original Source. Click here.

However these people from Sebastopol, Ca were not too big to talk at a recent city council meeting:

Keep up with the local EMF safety group here.

Just say NO! To unproven and new technology fabricated in China and pushed on consumers by a secretive, monopolistic Corporation.

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