We Are Change Los Angeles: Schooling Famed Prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi on JFK, 9/11

April 21, 2010

We Are Change L.A. members attended an event  at Saint Bedes Church on 11/23/09 and was able to speak to Vincent Bugliosi. Mr. Bugliosi successfully prosecuted Charles Manson in 1970-71.

Mr. Bugliosi  investigated the assassination of JFK as he said for “20 years” and reached the same conclusion as the Warren Commission (equivalent to the 9/11 Commission fiction novel), that Oswald had acted alone. How is it that he does not know about the Secret service stand-down? The video is provided below for your eyes to see:

Is it possible that Bugliosi does not know about the above scene in which the Secret Service stood down?

 Yes, the possibility exists that vital information was kept from him, and that even he is victim to group think. But you might think that after “20 years” you would know more than you can find in 20 minutes.

Now, about the N.O.R.A.D. stand-down on September the 11th, 2001….

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