Nor Cal Truth at ACLU Awards Dinner

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April 19, 2010

On Friday April 9th, at an ACLU awards dinner, Nor Cal Truth was invited to hold a table as one of only a few tables permitted. This was a fortunate situation as the person who was originally invited to hold a table there was not able too. This kind person then offered us half of a table for 9/11 related materials if we would work the other half of the table for her in her absence. Her focus was Bohemian Grove. We said “OK.”

The 2 pictures above are from us getting ready at the event. As what normally happens with a small group of people working a table, taking pictures seems to fall into the unimportant category, as you get busy talking to people and handing out information. I wish we could have had pictures of a more crowded arena and booth, but oh well.

The main goal in my mind was to target the social leaders at the dinner for conversations and interactions. I prepared many packets of useful AE 9/11 Truth material for any and all interested.

Many of the speakers and other “elders” of the group received my information well,the general crowd was more supportive than not, however there are always a few core non-believers.

To my surprise the District Attorney of Sonoma County, Stephen Passalacqua, was on hand to try to secure votes for the upcoming DA office race. I asked him towards the end of the function if he would visit me at my table for a moment of conversation. He agreed. And to my second surprise he followed through with his promise. There he was, the DA of Sonoma County, reading an overblown Architects and Engineers 9/11 Truth explosive facts card. Oh how sweet it was. I knew he would want to be short and I did not want to intimidate him with a camera i his face, hence the write-up. Passalacqua listened to my 1 minute introduction with some basic problems of the official story, he then graciously accepted my informative packet on 9/11 and thanked me for being there. Thank you too Mr. Passalacqua, I hope to further this dialogue in the future.

Another notable who was on hand was a Sonoma County Judge, who at first called our mission and table “lunacy” if I remember correctly. To me, that’s an invitation. I did not let him run away, however I also maintained my calm. I pleaded with him to look at the facts without as much bias, and also to consider that professional building experts are speaking out against the lies we were given on and after 9/11. He did not want too, but something inside of him reached out for a packet as well, and I wished him the best.

Thanks to Steve Fabian of the Sonoma County ACLU, and the hospitality of the entire group. I hope that we are welcome back for more in the future!

Brian @ Nor Cal Truth

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