This Week in 9/11 (April 12 -18)

A summary of news relating to 9/11/01 – For the week of April 12 through April 18, 2010. (Last week is here)

The lawsuit against NYC by over 10,000 volunteers, first responders and Ground Zero workers has had another twist added to its history. This week NYC announced that they are appealing Judge Hellersteins intervention into the closing of this multi-billion dollar case. Many of the Ground Zero workers have applauded the Judge’s decision.

Ground Zero workers have suffered for years from heart, lung and other ailments resulting from toxic fumes breathed in for month on and around Ground Zero. Only after all this time are their health  issues being addressed and recognized as related to Ground Zero work, in turn offering monetary compensation. Unfortunately many of these workers have long since passed and any settlement will be too late. For the tens of thousands of people who are living with health effects from Ground Zero, and the rush to re-open Wall St. after 9/11, this lawsuit is a glimmer of hope. The Judge has said his decision to block the payment and stop the case is because he feels the 9/11 workers deserve more and the lawyers deserve less, in terms of settlement rewards.

The President of Iran has been misquoted many time before, and our Western media loves to use him as a poster-boy for our political enemy. Ahmadinejad has also vocalised his mistrust of the official 9/11 story, and now, he has asked Ban Ki Moon, President of the United Nations, to open a  new investigation into the 9/11 attacks. The 9/11 attacks have allowed both the Bush and Obama administration to continue illegal wars of aggression and occupations in foreign lands, costing endless lives. Many in the 9/11 Truth movement have shied away from supporting the President of Iran’s comments on 9/11 due to the perception of him that has been formed for all of us. What a shame, in my opinion.

In what my eyes tell me to be a sign of good times, Larry King asked Jesse Ventura to sit in for him on the Larry King Live Show. Jesse invited the former Governor of Illinois Rod Blagojevich, Congressman Ron Paul from Texas, and political talk show Stephanie Miller and also Andrea Tanteros. CNN deserve an inch of credit here for putting on Ventura as well especially knowing that 9/11 would come up. Check out the video here, it is a good one.

Speaking of Jesse Ventura was also on Bill Maher this week. Maher, who has adamantly supports the 9/11 official story through all these years would not give an inch to Jesse on speaking about his book, “American Conspiracies.” You may watch that video right here..

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