Tax Day: Have You Paid For The War Today?

Source:BraveNew / Rethink Afghanistan    April 15, 2010

Another Tax Day is upon us, in the middle of the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, and our country is still in trouble. Many are still out of work. Times are tough. People are hurting.

We don’t have hundreds of billions of dollars to waste, but we are wasting them anyway–on the Afghanistan war.
How has the Afghanistan war affected you? What would you want to fix if we could spend those funds here at home, instead of wasting them on a war that’s not making us safer?

Tell us your story. Send us a picture or write your story below. We’ll pick one community and feature it in a future video to show the world how much better off we’d be if we ended this costly, brutal war.

3 Responses to Tax Day: Have You Paid For The War Today?

  1. Lawrence Baker says:

    The actual tax dollars that Americans pay on April 15 will only pay the interest on the real tax debt owed by each citizen. It is known in history that no nation can fight an extended war and pay for that war by leveling income tax on the people; that is the primary deterrent to war. Like Greece, we go into National debt to the World bankers who make a financial killing with great profit from war. That is not a deterrent to war.
    On April 15, if the propagandized American people had to pay for the three ongoing wars; there would be an end to all of the wars.

  2. norcaltruth says:

    Are you saying propagandized Americans are NOT paying for the wars right now, only an interest on the tax debt, which is seperate from our Military expenditures?

    • Gilvaneide says:

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