Invisible Empire Sneak Peek #3 — The Military Industrial Complex

source: Infowars   April 13, 2010

What did Eisenhower mean when he warned of the dangers of the Military Industrial Complex and the scientific elite? Those powers are alive and well in the era of globalization; they and their international partners work behind the cloak of national security. CIA shotgun-weddings with narcotraffickers and complex negotiations with Cold War enemies has ensured that, in our most sensitive government areas, our dealings with foreign nations and corporate influence has become more, not less, entangled.

Invisible Empire details the complex dirty laundry lying beneath the rhetoric of the New World Order and international “harmony”– covert war, cocaine smuggling, money laundering, arms dealing, assassinations, coup d’etats and more.

Eisenhower warned The People of the quiet rulers steering the military industrial complex; only a few years later, that shadow government killed JFK, MLK, RFK and other leaders, and told the public it was done by lone individuals. Invisible Empire uncovers the hidden history of power and calls for action to save the The Republic from its enemies.

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