Tonight and Tomorrow : Firefighters, Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth Publically Expose 9/11 Myths

City/State: San Rafael, CA
Date: Fri, May 7, 2010
Time: 7:30 pm
Topic: Investigating 9/11: Fire Fighters, Architects and Engineers examine the destruction of the World Trade Center
Speakers: Erik Lawyer & Richard Gage, AIA
Venue: Marin County Civic Center
10 Avenue of the Flags
San Rafael, CA 94903

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City/State: San Leandro, CA
Date: Sat, May 8, 2010
Time: 7:30 pm
Topic: Investigating 9/11: Fire Fighters, Architects and Engineers examine the destruction of the World Trade Center
Speaker: Richard Gage, AIA & Erik Lawyer
Venue: The BAL Theater
Location: 14808 East 14th Street,
San Leandro, CA, 94578

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29 Responses to Tonight and Tomorrow : Firefighters, Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth Publically Expose 9/11 Myths

  1. […] Upcoming Event: Firefighters, Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth Publically Expose 9/11 Myths &… […]

  2. […] Experts? Yes. What Kind? Firefighters, architects and engineers actually, thanks for asking. Infact- coming up in the Bay Area of California just those experts are speaking out together for the public to hear. Erik Lawyer, founder of Firefighters for 9/11 Truth  and Richard Gage, founder of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth will be joining their expertise and debunking the many myths of 9/11. […]

  3. norcaltruth says:


    Either you are a JREFER or someone who is sorely convinced on what many people know to be a sham.

    It is doubtful to me that you know what you know and still believe what you do.

    We will disagree, but I am going to leave you be now.

    You are cemented in your thoughts, and have EXCUSES for everything.

  4. albury says:

    I see you deleted all of my comments, NC Was that in the interests of “truth”?

  5. albury says:

    Sorry that facts and reason bother you so much, but most “truth movement” sites censor anyone who tries to make sense, so this is nothing new. It just took you a little longer.

    • norcaltruth says:

      You seem to be the one who is impervious to facts to many of us.
      Your hang up with how it could be done is really a sign that you know “it was done.”
      You just can’t believe it unless there is a signed confession of all parties which won’t happen.
      I welcome you to put down one more post with your issues. I will keep it up AS LONG AS it does not insult anyone especially Bob McIllvene or any other family members. Keep it to your best points. Maybe Ill even throw up a Open Thread Post for you.
      But know that I am sceptical because I don’t know you or see you. For all I know you are being paid to take my energy, though that is not my first presumption.
      Thanks for coming back.

      • albury says:

        I have tried to have an honest discussion on here about 9/11 “truth movement” claims, and presented a number of facts that you simply ignored. There’s no point in repeating them to someone who’s as poorly-educated, ill-informed, and closed-minded as you are, especially when they come and go at your whim. Why do you so-called truthseekers block or ban anyone who disagrees with you? I thought you were interested in the truth, not in stifling it, but I’m apparently mistaken. I’ve been banned on nearly every “truth movement” site where I’ve tried to comment, and so has everyone else that doesn’t drink your Kool-Aid. I’m not going to play by your rules, but thanks for the offer. Maybe someday you’ll wise up and realize how utterly absurd your “theories” are, or you may just go through life believing you already know everything.

        • norcaltruth says:

          Mr Albury (or Ms)

          You have been invited to debate professionals before, and you have not followed through. You have been banned for proper reasoning, not simply because you disagree. You will find posts with others disagreements.

          I have stated the problems with your arguments and I also don’t claim to be a building expert, fireman, doctor, or any other expert.

          But if I say that building 7 came down in a matter of seconds, and you disagree, you are not fooling anyone but yourself.

          The alternative to a matter of seconds might be a matter of minutes, or hours, which Building 7 does not fall under.
          Also , your choice to come and visit me, a simple yet complex citizen in the world who blogs about what I think is obvious,and debate with me – does not parallel well to your refusal to debate say… Richard Gage, Erik Lawyer, David Chandler, Kevin Ryan, or Colleen Rowley or many other real experts.

          I am sure you understand.

  6. albury says:

    If you’d bother to read NCSTAR 1A, you’d understand that WTC 7 collapsed over a period of many seconds, starting long before the facade began dropping. Just watching all of the visible collapsing of it seen on the videos takes at least 12-15 seconds, if you include the dropping of the east end of the penthouse, which occurred roughly 7 seconds before the part that David Chandler timed began falling.
    Only the top 18 floors, or ~242′, can be seen from the camera locations north of WTC 7, and they took ~5.4 seconds to fall out of view behind other buildings, or ~40% longer than free fall from 242′. The ~2.25 seconds of almost free fall occurred at the beginning, and was preceded and followed by much slower acceleration. Anyone who says that he knows the correct collapse time for the facade to drop all the way is lying, since the lower floors couldn’t be seen on any of the videos taken on 9/11 – lower hi-rises in the foreground blocked the view.

    I also never refused to debate any of the people you mentioned, but most of them are smart enough to avoid anyone who knows what he’s talking about. Gage stalled for months before debating Mark Roberts, and only did it when he could pick the moderator and venue, and he still made a fool of himself. They’re all better off “debating” Alex Jones and fielding softball questions in front of people who like liars or don’t know the difference.

    This took 5 minutes to write, so be sure to delete it so no one can see it. It actually contains facts and science, not unsubstantiated opinions. As I’ve discovered, that’s the best way to get blocked or banned at a “truth movement” site. Here’s the latest one:

    They made up a new board rule to ban me, just for not agreeing with them and posting facts to support my views.

    • Peace says:

      Albury – how do you explain why there were 1300 deg F temperatures ( NASA documentation ) at the base of wtc 7 … A week after it was demolished ? Office fires don’t melt steel framework and melt steel support columns … Ever … And the support framework collapsed controlled and evenly … Albury, you are not very smart by being a mouthpiece for the official lie that has been spouted out by the criminals that orchestrated the 9-11-2001 events. Albury, you don’t speak science or sensible reason at all in your ramblings.

  7. albury says:

    There were fires deep down in the debris that lasted for months, and in some places reached 1800 F. That’s the upper limit of a normal office fire, and steel melts at ~2800 F. Explosives don’t leave molten pools of metal in debris, and incendiaries burn extremely hot for a minute or two and then cool off rapidly. I may not be very smart, but I wouldn’t cite molten metal in debris piles days after 9/11 as evidence of anything but fires in it that were fueled by slow-burning office, plane, and parking garage contents.

    If you think steel melted, then where did it come from? There were no columns or other structural steel members pulled out of the debris with melted ends, so please explain. There was also PLENTY of aluminum and lead present in the piles. Have you ever seen a UPS backup? They’re commonly used where power can’t be lost for even a second, like in financial institutions, phone company central offices, etc. The batteries are wet cell, very close together, and the lead in them weighs TONS. There was also aluminum from both planes’ fuselages and elsewhere on them, and from the towers themselves. Is it possible that the few reports of molten steel were really melted lead or aluminum, or wouldn’t anyone have noticed that? They both melt much lower than the recorded temperatures at GZ.

    I’m not worried about my science or sensible reason, but I am wondering about yours. Read NCSTAR 1 and 1A and you’ll find no claim that any steel melted to cause a collapse, so the “truth movement” obviously made that one up, which is nothing new for them.

    btw, it was a USGS documentation, not NASA’s.

  8. norcaltruth says:

    C’mon Albury,
    You have seen the pictures and video, and eyewitness testimony of Molten Steel.

    The truth movement is doing nothing but REMINDING you that there WAS molten steel as described by too many to name, and easily identifiable pictures and video from the scene.

  9. albury says:

    C’mon NorCal”truth”,
    If you cared at all about the truth, you wouldn’t censor free speech.

  10. albury says:

    If you wanted to hear it, you wouldn’t keep blocking my comments.

    • norcaltruth says:

      I just looked in my Spam box and there was 2 comments by you Albury. Ill post one up, they are both the same yes?

      I am not censoring you right now, let me know earlier if that happens again

      • albury says:

        They’re very similar in content, but I wrote the last part differently, since I didn’t have it saved. Why don’t you address them instead of playing games with my comments? If nanothermite or other explosives or incendiaries accounted for molten metal in the debris several months after the WTC collapses, I want to be the first in my neighborhood to put a nanothermite-fired boiler in my basement and stop buying fuel oil. Gage’s “engineers” should be working on designing one, since they can’t find a shred of evidence for their absurd C/D “theories.” Why haven’t you urged them to show us how it cuts columns after being painted on them? I have.

    • Konstantin says:

      Reading your holiday news was great, I hope you feel betetr soon. the holiday park looks like alot of fun and the pool looks very inviting!! Just letting you know Harley was a good dog while you were away, he missed you, and so did we. Lovely to see you home again safe and sound. Love nanny & Poppy.

  11. You have done it again! Incredible read.

  12. Heh I am really the first comment to your awesome article?!

  13. If only more than 61 people could read this.

  14. albury says:

    If only people could see the numerous comments I posted here that the moderator removed because they clearly show that Richard Gage is a serial liar and the 9/11 “truth movement” has just about everything wrong.

    • norcaltruth says:

      Please read below.

      Albury is an official story defender folks. He travels the internet to look for 9/11 truth blogs and posts until the sun doont shine. His arguments are well crafted, but ultimately hold no weight when compared to 1200 architects and engineers, controlled demolition experts, firefighters and others who have much more crediblity than this blog-surfer-troll.


  15. albury says:

    There are ~125,000 engineers in the ASCE, and Gage has a few nuts who claim to be engineers or architects, and get caught lying about nearly everything. Have you ever looked at the credentials of the NIST engineers? Have you even read their repors, or do you just “know” that they’re wrong?
    How many FDNY are in the 9/11 “truth movement”? How many legitimate C/D experts? Blanchard and Loizeaux think your “theories” are absurd.

    • Carole H says:

      Never before in the history of the world has fire brought down a skyscraper,but here in the USA it happened 3 times in one day.

      Planes have flew into skyscrapers here and in other countries, but none of the buildings hit were brought down because of it.

      Myself, when I first saw those buildings coming down in the exact same way, I knew then, something was wrong. The buildings were hit in different ways, but come down in their own footprint, and then so does building 7, and it was not even hit by a plane. Sorry that was just too neat. I will never be convinced just those scenes alone convinced me there is more to that story than we are being told.

      Albury, you act as if the Government telling lies to the American people is unheard of.

      How about the fact that Geo. Bush and Dick Cheney refused to testify under oath, UNDER OATH to the 9/11 commission, Why? and they had to be together, why? And their testimony had to be kept secret from the American people, Why?

      They spent over 100 million dollars investigating Clinton’s sex life and only put aside 3 million to investigate 9/11?
      Albury, what in heaven’s name is wrong with you? The Bush admin. had to be forced to investigate, they drug their feet, they resisted at every turn. Why? Even Pearl Harbor was investigated.

      Just from the way Bush’s admin. acted afterward should be enough to make a normal person suspicious, even if the buildings toppled over in different directions, instead of settling so neatly in their own footprints.

      Condi Rice said ‘oh no one could imagine anyone using planes as weapons’ but there were surface to air missiles installed on the roof of the hotel in Florida where Bush stayed on 9/10, that was in case of a plane being used as a weapon to destroy that building. Same with the G-8 conference in Genoa, the building was surrounded with surface to air missiles in case of a plane being used as a weapon. The Bush people slept on board a yacht while there. For that very reason.

      You are in la la land my friend.

    • Ivan says:

      Bacon rarely catnoins gluten. Although Mayfair makes a breakfast bacon’ which does/did contain wheat fibre last time I checked (2 years ago). Though it may also be processed enough that the gluten *might* only be a negligible amount. Depends on how well it’s processed really.

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