Santa Rosa Junior College Swarmed by SWAT: Drill

March 19, 2010

These are cops?  Is this a militarized zone, or are they preparing for Halloween?

This was the scene today at the Santa Rosa Junior College as Santa Rosa SWAT converged today to “war game” the scenario of shooter(s) roaming through a local campus.

The police state continues to amplify itself after 9/11, as all security is heightened due to larger “threats.”

Luckily the Junior College was out of school for Spring Break and the students did not get numbed down by the visuals of armed-to-the-teeth-police.

War games can come in the simple form of an excercise. However some are much more complicated and the public knows very little about them.

 On 9/11/01 numerous war games were being scripted and run through. Tripod,  Vigilant Guardian,  and others were all simulated events on 9/11 that were amazingly similar to the real-time events of 9/11. This is how ordinary people are involved in a huge crime or coverup without ever knowing to what extent.

Similarly on 7/7/05, in London, Peter Powers came on T.V. and revealed that during the morning of the train bombings his security company was doing “drills” of the exact same nature;  bombs being detonated by “terrorists” on the exact train routes that the alleged terrorists actually did detonate bombs. The odds are beyond impossible.

The Press Democrat covers the story at the J.C. , albeit without much relevant information to me. (Pictures from the Press Democrat are here)

Unfortunately the police are being all worked up for the wrong reasons: To fear domestic threats from The People.

Jeremiah Chass was 16 when he was shot at least 11 times, and killed by Sonoma County Sheriffs on his parent’s own property just 3 years ago. Get it?

The truth is that we are losing our country to tyrants and that we are all victims. The police can help us or hurt us, let’s remember that.

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