“Progressive” Huffington Post Censors Jesse Ventura, 9/11 Questions

Update #1: Please see the article that was censored by the Huffington Post here.

The story below is from Raw Story. The video above is from Russia Today.      March 12, 2010

“I can’t believe the Huffington Post today will practice censorship,” Ventura says in astonishment. “I’ve got news for them. … I won’t ever write for ’em again.”

Ventura had posted an item on Tuesday which took note of a recent conference at which “more than one thousand architects and engineers signed a petition demanding that Congress begin a new investigation into the destruction of the World Trade Center skyscrapers on 9/11.” He also quoted a few paragraphs from his new book, American Conspiracies, to explain why some of those experts see signs of controlled demolition.

The item was featured on the front page of Huffington Post when it first went up, but after a few hours it vanished. All that appears now at its original location is an editor’s note saying, “The Huffington Post’s editorial policy, laid out in our blogger guidelines, prohibits the promotion and promulgation of conspiracy theories — including those about 9/11. As such, we have removed this post.”

The note is followed by three pages of comments, enthusiastically arguing the pros and cons of controlled demolition and other 9/11 theories, that were posted during the couple of hours before the entry was deleted and comments were closed.

Huffington Post’s own guidelines for its bloggers state, “We must — and do — reserve the right to remove objectionable, inaccurate, or inflammatory material and, if necessary, suspend or revoke blogging privileges. This also includes propagating conspiracy theories and blogging about behind-the-scenes housekeeping issues that are not of interest to the general public.”Anastasia Churkina, a correspondent for RT, interviewed Ventura about the controversy. “He’s a man who doesn’t mince his words too much,” she reported on Thursday. “He was pretty blunt.” “I can’t believe the Huffington Post today will practice censorship,” Ventura told her angrily. “They asked me to be a contributing editor and they said, ‘Write about anything you want.’ So it was the second time I did something — and they removed it?” “Well, I’ve got news for them,” he continued. “I won’t ever write for ’em again. … I won’t do a thing for the Huffington Post because I don’t like it when people censor what I have to say.” “All I do is ask questions!” he exploded. “That’s what bugs me about 9/11. 9/11 is an event you’re not allowed to ask a question about. … Clearly they don’t want any questions on it.”

 Ironically, Ventura had to go to RT, the English-language version of a Russian news channel, to tell his story. Although polls show that large numbers of Americans believe in a broad range of conspiracy theories, and a majority entertain doubts about the official story of 9/11, few of those questions ever appear in the mainstream media.

 As Raw Story recently reported , “In November of 2007, an online article noted, ‘Nearly two-thirds of Americans think it is possible that some federal officials had specific warnings of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on New York and Washington, but chose to ignore those warnings, according to a Scripps Howard News Service/Ohio University poll.’ A national survey of 811 adult residents of the United States conducted by Scripps and Ohio University found that more than a third believe in a broad smorgasbord of conspiracy theories including the attacks, international plots to rig oil prices, the plot to assassinate President John F. Kennedy in 1963 and the government’s knowledge of intelligent life from other worlds. The high percentage is a manifestation, some say, of an American public that increasingly distrusts the federal government.”

 Even liberal websites, however, discourage questions about 9/11, to the point where BooMan of the Booman Tribune had to preface a post at Daily Kos in 2005 by writing “I know this touches on verboten conspiracy theories, but this is a front-page NYT article.”

 “It’s kind of hard to tell whether or not a new investigation will be launched,” Churkina concluded. “Many people don’t think this is going to be happening any time soon, even with such public figures, like Jesse Venture and other, calling for it.”

4 Responses to “Progressive” Huffington Post Censors Jesse Ventura, 9/11 Questions

  1. insideoutgraphics says:

    I’ve been trying for a while to figure out the why’s of HP censorship. I’ve come to the realization that HP simply does not allow for open debate, but rather controls the debate/dialog via selective censorship.Be it on their Tech or Politics page or any other page. While HP allows for talking points, it discourages any meaningful discussion.Huffington Post certainly controls the debate and in doing so, presents readers with a false impression of what readers/posters actually feel.HP also has the ability to kill an issue or keep it going or ramp it up just by allowing certain types of comments, be it pos or neg or pro or con.In any case, it dictates the energy and momentum regarding particular subjects. Which is based on HP’s approval of a particular issue or disapproval. Which is so unfortunate.I still read the site though I no longer attempt to post and have deleted my account which I think caused any posts I’ve made hard to find. I think I was erased:-)

    HP is also ego driven as evidenced by the many story titles, such as, Watch Adrianna Huffington on Tee Vee here and here and here…

    I’ve learned HP was less apt to censor positive comments concerning particular corp.s , while on the other hand, they censor even valid questions/statements concerning other corp.s

    HP provides a great site for news, however free speech? I think not. HP merely creates a false picture by monitoring and controlling the debate and dialog amongst it’s posters.

  2. […] in First Trial under Obama Why the Huffington Post will report the story below and not this story here, is no mystery. The left gate-keeping media don’t want you to know that there is good reason […]

  3. Red Dog says:

    I’ve been working with a group that is fed up with the ridiculous censorship at the Huffington Post. We have a petition you can sign. Every time someone signs the form letter at the bottom of the page gets automatically sent to the Huffington Post (you will receive a form letter email reply). You can customize that email if you want. The petition is here:


    We also have a blog that documents some of the most outrageous examples of censorship:


    For more info please contact me: reddog071@gmail.com

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