Jesse Ventura on The View – American Conspiracies

March 12, 2010

Jesse Ventura was on The View promoting his new book, American Conspiracies.”  Ventura has become very vocal about his concern for where his country is headed after 9/11. He compares 9/11 to the Gulf of Tonkin incident, which started the Vietnam War, and was later declassified as an event that essentially did not happen. Jesse is angry that 58,000 Americans and perhaps a million Vietnamese were killed in the Vietnam War for something that did not happen, and understandably so.

The fact that World Trade Center 7  fell at the speed that it did, without being hit by a plane is evidence enough to warrant a TRUE  investigation into 9/11. Jesse focuses on this building as a red flag and rightfully so.

Ultimately Ms. Walters, Whoopi and their cohorts don’t connect the dots of why this is so important, at least not yet. The question of why “they would do it” is simply not obvious to them, without assuming there is any one answer. WAR would be the first thing that comes to mind as Jesse points out, and many things come from war.

Whoopi says that even if we “get the answers”, the bummer is that “those people (who died on 9/11) aren’t coming back.” Yes Whoopi, that is a bummer but please don’t forget the soldiers that are dying today in the name of 9/11. Please don’t forget the million Iraqis that have been killed in the same war, nor the countless Afghans or people of Pakistan. Please don’t forget the growing secrecy of our “Government,” please don’t forget about the hyped security every time you take off your shoes at an airport before being body scanned.

And Whoopi please don’t forget that many of the 9/11 victims family members, including the Jersey Girls, have now endorsed Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. Please don’t forget that.

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