Al Qaeda Dead Since 2002 Says Ex-Head of the French DGSE

source:  Re Open 9/11      translation @ 9/11 Blogger    Feb 27 , 2010

During a round-table discussion at the French Senate January 29, 2010, on the topic of “Where are we at with Al Qaeda?”, Alain Chouet — former head of the Security Intelligence Service of the DGSE (Directorate-General for External Security: the French equivalent of the CIA or MI6) — demystified the concept of “Al Qaeda” and denounced the inappropriate responses and other instrumentalizations by the West, without however deflating the dangers of Islamic extremism.

The video below has been subtitled into English and edited to include the best parts of Alain Chouet’s passionate discourse containing no stonewalling or political doublespeak, placing itself light-years ahead of the official discourse about September 11th and “the nebulous Al Qaeda” that the mainstream media have been reporting for far too long.

Would you like to know what the French “spies” think of Al Qaeda? Hold-on tight, the masks are about to fall. Alain Chouet’s stance, which no one would dare qualify as conspiratorial, is in no way different than the information the French Association ReOpen911 modestly (but tenaciously) reports via our site.

Those who understand French can also view Alain Chouet’s entire 22 minute discourse, read the entire transcript of the video and read his article La guerre d’Afghanistan en question (The Afghanistan War in Question) on our news website.

Alain Chouet is an French intelligence officer. In particular he held the positions of Head of the Coordination Office of Research and Anti-Terrorist Operations (1980-1985) as well as Head of the Security Intelligence Service of the Directorate-General for External Security (2000-2002). Note: The “Security Intelligence Service” is the anti-terrorist branch of the DGSE.

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