Yukihisa Fujita Snubbed by Legislative Colleague, Rep., Ron Paul

source: Indy in Asia  Feb 25, 2010

Ron Paul Camp Snubs Japanese Peacemaker Yukihisa Fujita

Is it Ron Paul himself? Is it Ron Paul staff members out of control, failing to communicate to Congressman Dr. Paul?

Why does Ron Paul refuse to meet Yuki Fujita?

Yukihisa Fujita, Director-General of the International Department of The Democratic Party of Japan (ruling party), and Director of the Committee on Financial Affairs in the House of Councillors (upper house) of the National Diet of Japan, who is somewhat of a folk hero to many Ron Paul RƎVO˩UTIONaries, has been trying diligently for months to make a personal contact with Congressman Dr. Paul. During that time, multiple faxes to multiple Ron Paul fax numbers, multiple phone calls to multiple Ron Paul offices, attempts by people with personal access to Dr. Paul, and finally, a plea from the Japanese Embassy directly to Ron Paul’s Congressional Offices in Washington, all have gone for naught, the inquiry from the Japanese government meeting with a flat refusal.


Why was Yuki Fujita able, during his recent trip to Washington, D.C., to meet with a long list of politicians and dignitaries, including Dennis Kucinich, but not Ron Paul?

All of you who have participated in any way in the attempts to make the Fujita – Paul connection, and anyone else whose curiosity is exercised by this mystery, are invited to join in the discussion of this issue during the IndyInAsia live radio broadcast on American Freedom Radio February 21, Sunday Midnight GMT = 6 PM US Central, 7 PM Eastern Time.

Call-in Line:               512-879-3805         512-879-3805

For now, I am holding on to the hope that Congressman Dr. Paul is still somehow unaware that this important dignitary from Japan is seeking to meet with him. At the very least, I hope Dr. Paul is unaware of how serious is the snub communicated by the unresponsiveness of his camp.

And I hope Dr. Paul will address this “Why?” in an upcoming Texas Straight Talk or YouTube video.

First reported on the Internet 2010 February 21 Sunday 18:40 GMT+09:00


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