This Week in 9/11 (Feb 15 – 21)

By Brian Romanoff      Feb 22, 2010

This week in 9/11 was indeed no less filled with information than last week. A summary is necessary.

One more Congressman, Jason Chafetz of Utah expressed some reason while talking about 9/11. Congressman Chafetz even knew Stephen Jones by name saying that he “has met with him” in the past. Do you know Stephen Jones yet? 

Speaking of news, the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth group made KPFA and many other media outlet’s reports this week (here, here, and here). Richard Gage AIA, Stephen Jones, David R. Griffin and Eric Lawyer announced the achievement of over 1000 architects and engineers who are demanding a new investigation into the destruction of the 3 skyscrapers of 9/11. Many more news groups will carry this in the coming weeks I am sure.

A New Hampshire group has been advocating for a new investigation and have made headlines in their area. The following is taken from Ted Walter at 9/11 Blogger:

Last week it became official! At least ten towns in New Hampshire will have the following question on the ballot at this spring’s town meetings:

Shall New Hampshire’s Congressional Delegation be instructed to pursue a new and independent investigation to address thoroughly all of the evidence and unanswered questions related to the events of September 11, 2001?

9/11 victim family member Manny Badillo spoke with R.T. this week about holding the 9/11 trials in N.Y. “Evidence is still coming out, over1,800 body parts have been found, just in the last 2 years alone,” Manny says.”  “We need this trial here in New York.”

In New York, those suffering from 9/11 health problems will be seeing their first trial in all this time… or at least a couple of them will be seeing a trial. The 12 cases were selected from nearly 10,000, the selection process went like this says the New York Daily News:

Hauber’s case was one of the four selected by the judge to go to trial. Another four cases were chosen by the city and contracting companies being sued and four by lawyers representing workers who claim their illnesses were caused by exposure at Ground Zero. 

Also, author and media critic Norman Solomon was asked if he would like to clear the air as to if he supports calls for a new 9/11 investigation. “I want an independent investigation,” said Solomon. “An investigation before a verdict,” he added. Although in the same night he expressed doubt that a new investigation would change much of anything. Norman Solomon is looked at skeptically by many long time 9/11 activists. In 2002 Solomon advised KPFA against having Micheal Ruppert, author of “Crossing the Rubicon,” on KPFA any further. Solomon wrote this letter to the station. Ruppert and Peter Dale Scott pleaded with KPFA but Ruppert was not welcomed back to the show.

The Anthrax case, a critical last push of fear after 9/11,has been officially covered up. The authorities have closed the case and it was Bruce Ivans for sure, at least that’s what they want you think. However I would like you to think about this from Bob Coen. Also, listen to this:

“The evidence the FBI produced would not, I think, stand up in court,” said Rep. Rush Holt, a Democrat whose New Jersey district includes the Princeton mailbox used in the attacks. “But because their prime suspect is dead and they’re not going to court, they seem satisfied with barely a circumstantial case.

Last but not least is a possible connection to 9/11 with this weeks attack (more develpoing here) on an IRS building in Austin. Connected in the sense of defense contractors that is. Whatever happened in Austin this week, we need to make sure of a few things:

  • That this isn’t used to stifle dissent against the Government or the IRS? These are critical for a healthy political body.
  • That it isn’t used to make Americans more afraid of anything and everything including themselves.
  • He had a wife, that he did not say he was angry at in the note, so again why burn the house?
  • Why were first responders on the scene as it happened?
  • Many witnesses “felt” the explosion (of whatever) in the area of the IRS building, a car’s window was apparently blown out.
  • One witness heard an explosion at the house of Joe Stack. (after Joe Stack left?)
  • Where did the “significant hole” come from in the retaining wall.
  • How did so much of the building get damaged from a small plane?

I don’t buy it.

*Please note: I don’t know what happened in Austin, I’m just asking questions that come to mind. Either way violence is not the answer, violence must not be condoned or hailed. I did not even know if I was going to write about about Joe Stack…but in the interest of balance I did.

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