This Week in 9/11

Summary of 9/11 news for Feb 7 – Feb 14,  2010     By Brian Romanoff

Texas Governor candidate Debra Medina has been slammed for supporting  “tough questions of the people to their elected government.” Medina, who was  gaining ground in the race for Governor of Texas, was asked by Glenn Beck about her position on 9/11. Medina stated that she does not maintain a position on 9/11, but that she supports people asking “tough questions” of their government. The media began a frenzy and a day later Medina came on air to clarify her statement’s and said that she was, “caught off guard” by the question. However getting into it further she states that the best question she has heard asked is, “how did those buildings fall?” But still no official position on the subject of 9/11 as she is, “focused on Texas politic’s.”

Days after Debra Medina was asked and ridiculed about her 9/11 comments, another candidate for Texas governor named Farouk Shami commented on 9/11. Asked if he thinks there is a possibility that the American Government was involved someway in the 9/11 attacks he responds, “..I don’t trust politic’s behind closed doors…the possibility is there….the jury is out…” He states further that, “professors have written books on it  (9/11)…we still don’t know who killed JFKit is a very dangerous subject.”

People hit the streets for the 11th of the month truth actions around the Country. Every 11th of each month for so many years dedicated people have reached out to their communities to inform them about 9/11. Without this work, 9/11 truth would not be where it is today.

Video hit the web of 9/11 Survivor William Rodriguez meeting 7/7 survivor Daniel Obachike. Both discuss their new lives as survivors and activists.

Keith Olberman aims for a punch at Bush for allowing 9/11, but misses.  Unfortunately Olberman is simply reinforcing the dogma that Al Qaeda was in charge and Bush is only to blame for missing warning signs amd red flags.”3000 people dead because Bush, Dick Cheney, Don Rumsfeld and others simply had other agenda’s, other than fighting terrorism,” Olberman states. Well if this is the logic – then now that administration’s are focused on terrorism we have lost close to 5,500 troops, thousands of contractors and killed hundred’s of thousand’s of Iraqi’s and Afghan’s, all innocent because of the grounds for invasion. Imagine the shock Keith’s viewers would have watching the Blueprint for Truth presentation detailing the demolition of the 3 skyscraper’s on 9/11.

Speaking of Blueprint for Truth,  the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth group have announced a Press Conference. The press conference will be detailing the now-over-a-thousand architect’s and engineer’s who have signed on for a new investigation into 9/11.

3000 photograph’s have been obtained by ABC news via a freedom of information act. Many photo’s actually seem to reinforce the idea that there was explosive force within the buildings that turned all the building’s contents into powder and dust as they “collapsed.” Manny Badillo , a 9/11 victim’s family member, gave his perspective of the new photo’s to Russia Today.

Almost 9 years later and 9/11 first responders are still waiting for proper medical attention and compensation.

The trials for accused 9/11 plotters continues to drum up excitement as Biden and other top officials “don’t rule out” a military court hearing.

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