Debra Medina: Another Vicitim of Glenn McCarthyist Beck

By Brian Romanoff     Feb  12, 2010 

Debra Medina, a candidate for Governor of Texas, is about to be slammed by all corporate, and many “independent” news organizations.

She recently went on air to be interviewed by entertainer and saboteur Glenn Beck. The topic of 9/11 came up as Glenn is the new McCarthy of 9/11 truthers. Without taking  a position on Glenn Beck’s question she said, “there are some very good questions that have been raised.”

She continued by saying “I don’t think the American people have seen all of the evidence there yet…good question’s have been raised, and they’re not answered.”

“Do you have advisor’s that advise your people around that are 9/11 truther’s,” he asks.

Glenn continues by asking, “would you disavow them…… or allow them to continue to advise you?” Notice how Glenn Beck would want any 9/11 truther “disavowed” from any involvement in her organization, no matter how reasonable, intelligent or productive the supposed “truther” would be.

He continues to antagonize Medina and she catches on.

Medina takes the microphone and says, “…I’m not into mind control or thought policing people…because Texans are standing shoulder to shoulder to support and defend the Constitution.” She continues by saying, “I don’t have time to do psychological testing…and know every thought or detail that they have.”

“We don’t have a radical team,” and “I think some are looking and trying to use scare tactics,” possibly referring to Glenn Beck – possibly not.

The after talk says it all. Glenn Beck wants to destroy legitimate important movements like 9/11 Truth. Debra Medina is a bystander.

Medina has come out and tried to back down from her comments later in the afternoon.

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